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    I started life as Protestant but I'm going to end it as a Catholic. It’s a cliché to say that the Bible is a love story, a love letter written by God to man. It wasn’t until my early 40’s that the cliché became my reality. I was standing on my front lawn, frustrated by my inability to feel the meaning of life, even if I knew academically that my purpose was to love God and serve Him by being nice to people.
    I’ve always been a movie junkie and I’ve been reading novels since I was six, so I cried out to God, “What’s the plot? What’s the plot of this story of Yours?”
    It’s a love story came the silent but certain answer.
    And in that moment, I knew that all those people who had said it before were right. But now I felt it. And I knew that all along I had been looking at the scenery – to the wonders of the creation - and thinking it was the story. But that was as unsatisfying as watching a man come out onto a stage and fall in love with the props or attempt to express his ardent passion to the backdrop of the drama. So I stopped trying to satisfy myself in the beauty of the sky or the complex delicacy of a flower or in the feline grace of my pets, and started to look for signs of the show itself.
    And with that certainty, I could now see the story. In the Old Testament, it was God and Israel. In the New Testament, it’s Jesus Christ and the Church. And with that clear knowledge, I could see that the Church is one and it is visible and its unity is of vital importance.
    These days, I'm linking to as many free Catholic novels as I can find online. The Catholic Church has a long and rich literary history that every Christian can be proud of.