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Updated: January 2017

Opening Lines

And Yah commanded the man, saying, “Eat of every tree of the garden . . .”
I hold the manuscript with care. The room is dim and I am all alone, but I still glance over my shoulder. I am on the second floor and I would hear anyone coming up the stairs, but it makes me nervous just the same. I do not know why. These words are not forbidden. More like forgotten.
Among the Sons of Seth by Jennifer Keogh Armstrong

"Ah, there you are, Doctor!" exclaimed nurse Agnes, as a middle-aged man with iron-gray hair and mustache met her at the door of a private ward in one of the long corridors of a city hospital.
Let No Man Put Asunder by Josephine Marie

"It was March, but winter was still making a last stand on the heights..."
So As By Fire by Jean Connor

"It was market-day at Fenton Upham in the days when Victoria was still a bonnie young queen, and the stalls in the open street were full of fruit, vegetables, and poultry."
The Little Lady of the Hall by Nora Ryeman

"The guard was a stout man with a red face, and he had a queer way of puffing out his words, one at a time."
The Way That Led Beyond by J. Harrison

"A young man ran lightly up the steps, and a stout servant, in handsome, dark-green livery, with a row of shining buttons on his coat, held put a salver for the visitor’s card."
When Love is Strong by Grace Keon

"Nonie McCabe is lost!"
"Not a Judgement - " by Grace Keon

"One person stood out. He'd been sitting by the fire for quite a while when he suddenly stood up, turned and began walking with purpose straight toward the window that my face was framed in..."
That Beautiful Hippie Girl by Robert Palmer

"When we fought for Jerusalem, we fought for an idea, the idea of universal justice, of love, of human brotherhood, or maybe simply, holiness. Well, it's my job to maintain that idea. There shall be no injustice on my watch."
Chronicles of Palestine #1: The King David Hotel Mystery by Jennifer L. Armstrong

"The scene was fair; an earthly Eden..."
Dalaradia by William Collins

"A sunset of unusual beauty, and a few bright tints still lingering on the edges of many a drifting cloud, diffused a peculiar and transparent clearness in the atmosphere, and threw out, on the smooth waters of the Suire, successive images of picturesque scenery."
Nora Brady's Vow by Anna Hanson Dorsey

"For forty-eight hours the snow-storm had been raging unabated over New York..."
The Beloved Woman by Kathleen Norris

"When the boys of Second Academic discovered a new teacher at the desk, they were surprised and bewildered."
The Best Foot Forward by Fr. Francis J. Finn

"A letter from Giffard, Lord Elmwood's House Steward, to Miss Woodley.
My Lord, above a twelve month ago, acquainted me he had permitted his daughter to reside in his house; but at the same time he informed me, the grant was under a certain restriction, which, if ever broken, I was to see his then determination (of which he also acquainted me) put in execution..."
A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald

"He had passed down into the realm of pure sensation and association, losing for the time all that constituted his present objective life, inhabiting instead those inner chambers of memory where his past lay stored...."
A Winnowing by R.H. Benson

"The mysteries of the Church, a materialistic scientist once announced to an astonished world, are child's play compared with the mysteries of nature..."
Paradoxes of Catholicism by R.H. Benson

"I came to London on the fifteenth of June, having left it seven years before in company with my father, to go to Paris, two years before he died..."
Oddsfish! by R.H. Benson

"I think you're behaving like an absolute idiot," said Jack Kirkby indignantly..."
None Other Gods by R.H. Benson

"I am very much distressed about it all," murmured Mrs. Baxter..."
The Necromancers by R.H. Benson

"The first sign of our approach to Lourdes was a vast wooden cross, crowning a pointed hill..."
Lourdes by R.H. Benson

"Overfield Court lay basking in warm June sunshine..."
The King's Achievement by R.H. Benson

"It was at vespers on the fourth day afterwards, being Corpus Christi, that saint Giles, as I suppose, moved me to visit Master Richard..."
The History of Richard Raynal, Solitary by R.H. Benson

"Gradually memory and consciousness once more reasserted themselves, and he became aware that he was lying in bed..."
Dawn of All by R.H. Benson

"You must give me a moment," said the old man, leaning back.
Percy resettled himself in his chair and waited, chin on hand.
Lord of the World by R.H. Benson

"There should be no sight more happy than a young man riding to meet his love..."
Come Rack! Come Rope! by R.H. Benson

"To the casual Londoner who lounged, intolerant and impatient, at the blacksmith's door while a horse was shod, or a cracked spoke mended, Great Keynes seemed but a poor backwater of a place, compared with the rush of the Brighton road eight miles to the east from which he had turned off, or the whirling cauldron of London City, twenty miles to the north, towards which he was travelling..."
By What Authority? by R.H. Benson

"Monsignor Maxwell announced next day at dinner that he had already arranged for the evening's entertainment..."
Father Macclesfield's Tale by R.H. Benson

"Father Meuron was very voluble at supper on the Saturday. He exclaimed; he threw out his hands; his bright black eyes shone above his rosy cheeks, and his hair appeared to stand more on end than I had ever known it..."
Father Meuron's Tale by R.H. Benson